Past Events

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Jody Adair

Mary Ellen Eichler

Mary Lischke

Marcia Rozelle

Bobbie Aguero

Daniell Elperin

Erin Mand

Anya Sarre

Karla Ahmanson

Karen Enzer

Jennifer Massey

Lauren Scott

Aimee Bakhshandehpour

Lisa Friedman

Lisa Miller

Elizabeth Shoemaker

Deborah Barry

Emily Gardner

Sandra Vickers Naftzger

Morgan Simonds

Kristin Bendikson

Susie Gilman

Lora Nee

Shannon Soller

Melinda Berman

Elana Gimbel

Erin Novak

Sharian Spencer

Krisena Borenstein

Sherry Grant

Christine Marie Ofiesh

Megan Stuempfig

Jessica Bowlin

Helen Graves

Charity O'Sullivan

Joan Sumpter

Cory Campbell

Tanya Gupta

Mindy Owens

Kristi Temple

Susie Comisar

Marni Harris

Lauren Ozbolt

Catherine Tosetti

Lisa Condren

Stacey Henning

Talia Pouratian

Ashley Vilgiate

Stephanie Covington

Susan Hillgren

Amita Ramesh

Alexandra Weed

Karen Dalby

Anne Jarmain

Amanda Reynolds

Michelle White

Libby Doheny

Jill Jimenez

Katie Richie

McDowell Winn

Michele Dominick

Marisa Lainer

Carrie Robertson

Lanhee Yung

Kathleen Duncan

Julie Levin

Luisa Romoff

Sarah Zapp

About The Luminaires Juniors

In 1974, the Doheny Eye Institute’s Board of Directors called upon Mrs. Gordon B. Crary, Jr. to organize a support group to assist the Doheny Eye Institute, through fundraising and volunteer participation and help improve the lives of those afflicted with eye problems.

Crary selected twenty women to serve on the Advisory Committee that would be responsible for building and guiding this budding entity within Doheny.

Shortly there after, Mrs. Crary hosted lunch for those women at the California Club in Downtown Los Angeles. The Committee fittingly dubbed themselves The Luminaires, which means “givers of light.” The logo was created, bylaws were drawn up, and by 1976 the Advisory Committee was activated, with Crary serving as President.

With the growth of the Luminaires came an added enhancement; the formation of The Luminaires, Juniors. Founded in 1976, by Mrs. Jeffrey N. Gardner, the group was originally made up of daughters and daughters-in-law of members. A few years later, The Luminaires, Juniors held their first party, a dinner dance at the New London Club. However, sensing the need for separate missions, the two groups convened in 1991 and with approval from Doheny’s Board of Directors a decision was made for the Luminaires, Juniors to become their own entity supporting vision research at the Doheny Eye Institute.

The fundraising activities of The Luminaires, Founders, Juniors and Orange County, which has raised over 6 million dollars for the Doheny Eye Institute, has varied over the years to include galas, fashion shows, murder mystery nights and west coast premiers of Broadway show openings. The group is known for hosting spectacular events that, for some, are the year’s social highlight.